How to Organize your Coupons

Please note: This is my method of coupon organization. It is not the only method and it is not necessarily the best method for you. Trial and error is probably the best way to find the appropriate method for you. However, you’ve got to start somewhere and this is a very popular method!

You will need the following:

  • a binder (preferably with pockets) 
  • baseball insert pages
  • alphabetical tabs (optional)
1.For the initial setup, I used my baseball card pages and A-B-C tabs and put one insert in between each letter tab in the binder.

2.I take out the inserts from the Sunday paper and cut out all the coupons for products that I would purchase. There are some I leave behind because I will never use them.

3.I place the coupons in the binder in alphabetical order by manufacturer or brand name. For instance, Fiber One coupons go in the “F” section, but “Cheerios” go in the “G” section for General Mills. This is because General Mills cereal is generally on sale together – so if I go to the “G” section, I will see all the coupons I have for that manufacturer. However, Fiber One will go on sale on its own, so the coupons can go in “F”. This takes some trial and error to see what you are comfortable with. Other people place the coupons in order by categories – for instance, they may have a “Cereal/Breakfast” category and a “Side dishes” category.

4.You may need to add more insert pages under certain letters depending on how popular that letter is. For example, I have 6 pages under “P” right now since Pillsbury puts out so many coupons…

5.I put all coupons in my binder – I have another section for Target coupons & pet food coupons. I keep my Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons in the pocket in the front. If I have coupons for any other stores, I will make up an insert page for them and place it in the back.

6.I keep my binder in my car – since that is how I get to the store – then I can’t forget them! If we happen to go out in my husband’s car (anyway – because you never know where you’ll end up!) I will put the binder in his car. It comes in on Sundays to get refilled and I sort through the old coupons while I’m refilling. If I print other coupons during the week, I will add them as I go also.


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