Sunday, January 31, 2010

Speaking of Target...

The store was full of great deals today.  Unfortunately, it seems as if the toy clearance is over.  The Toy Story section is almost non-existent now so I guess I missed the great sale on those.  But I did get:

$6.00 St. Patrick's Day shirts for the boys ("Handsome Irish Boy" - this was the regular price)
$1.00 St. Pat's Day hats for the boys (from the $1 section)
$1.00 St. Pat's Day shamrock sunglasses for Justin (from the $1 section)
$0.40 Berenstein Bears Halloween book
$1.49 Non-removeable baby socks (to keep them on my little Houdini - reg price $4.99)

Like the milk moustache on my model?  He wouldn't put the shirt on but I got the had and sunglasses on him!

They also had really cute little girls St. Pat's Day hairbands, barrettes, and headbands!  ELF makeup was 75% off - most of it was only $.75 for lip sets, eye sets and lip glosses!  Winter hats, gloves and scarves were 75% off...

They also had a lot of clearance Nintendo DS, Playstation and Wii games...

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