Friday, February 19, 2010

$100 for Paypal!

You can earn up to $100 in your Paypal account by reviewing products that you are familiar with!  Here is the scale for the amount you can earn:

Payment Table for Reviews
10-19 reviews for $10
20-29 reviews for $20
30-39 reviews for $30
40-49 reviews for $40
50-59 reviews for $50
60-69 reviews for $60
70-79 reviews for $70
80-89 reviews for $80
90-99 reviews for $90
100+ reviews for $100
Rules and regulations can be read here, but the following are highlights:
  • Must submit at least 10 reviews by March 31, 2010
  • To participate, you must be a person (haha!) and reside in the US.
  • Reviews must be at least 50 words long.
  • You are giving up all rights to your words and they can use them in any way they'd like.
  • Your sign up email must be connected to a Paypal account - that is where your payment will go.
  • Cannot post obscene words or plagerized reviews.
  • Someone has to click on your review to give it a thumbs up as being helpful to count - if you would like to enter this promotion, send me a message and I'll see if I can buddy people up so you can click on each other's reviews!
Not too bad, right?  To get started, register by clicking on the top right of this page.  Once you sign up, you must go into your email to activate the account.  Once you are activated, begin searching on the home page through the categories you are most familiar.  When a product comes up that you know, click on it.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE STILL IN SHOPPING.COM and have not been transferred to Target or another store. Next to the picture of the item, it will say "Write a Review".  Click on that and follow their format!  It's as easy as that!

If you have 2 Paypal accounts, I would recommend encouraging your spouse/partner to do it as well to earn twice the dough!

This will really beef up my Xmas account money quickly!!! 

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