Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Artscow Mini Photo Pocketbook/bag hanger

I admit it - I'm guilty of doing it all the time.  And my beautiful bag is the culprit.  If I'm carrying things and need to put them down to help my kids - or something else - my pocketbook gets put on the ground.  At restaurants, by the time I put the kid's coats and my coat on the back of chairs (plus Tommy's high chair cover and the backpack of toys to keep the kids entertained while waiting and any shopping bags we may have), my pocketbook usually ends up on the floor at least once. 

So I love this idea!  A little hanger I can carry with me to secure my pocketbook to the table and keep the bottom cleaner!  Plus I can put my kids' pictures on it!  And for only $4.99 with free shipping!

If you are not a FB fan of ArtsCow, become a fan.  If you are, just go to their page.  If you select the photo hanger from the list of specials, it will give you a unique coupon code to enter to get this amazing price! 

Remember these ship from Asia so shipping will take at least a week.  I did get my mouse pad from the last promotion about a week ago - and that didn't take too long. 

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