Thursday, March 4, 2010

Arts Cow Photo Books FREE

Arts Cow is offering EIGHT 8x8 photobooks for FREE!!!  Each book has 20 pages
and they are hardcover books!

Use code:  88820BOOKS.   Offer expires on 3/11/10 - which means you have to sign into ArtsCow and validate the code by then.  You will then have 30 days to use your credits.  You have to sign in to ArtsCow and use the code to get credits for the books.  The credits will automatically make the books free when they are in your shopping cart.

UPDATE:  Someone reported to me that they finished their 8 photobooks and had a $64 shipping charge for them!  She has contacted custome service and will let me know their response.  I would still validate your code just in case you decide to use it, but you may want to hold off on creating or ordering the books until we know more - unless you are willing to pay $8 a book in shipping.

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