Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disney Movie Rewards Codes

Some of these may be a repeat - I can't get onto the other blog at all to tell (GRRRR again!).  But please be sure you've entered all these codes before they expire.  If you got Princess and the Frog or Toy Story lately, you may want to hold off on entering those codes for now - Internet rumors are that they'll have a double rewards day coming up.  Whether they do or don't, you can always enter them later - there is no rush now.
"I" worth 10 points
"heart" worth 10 points
"DMR" worth 10 points
"FM39V03SSW" March newsletter code worth 5 points
"9FTMRYWEK" worth 50 points, expires 3/28
enter "gumbo" for a free Princess Tiana enchanted call

And then:  hit "play all" on the Blu-ray video - it's worth 50 points if you have not viewed it yet and you can do something in another window while it plays.

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