Monday, March 1, 2010

February Update on the Quest for a Free Christmas!

I have joined a few more things in hopes of upping these totals every month. 

HCD Surveys is very similar to Opinion Outpost - they did the Superbowl survey I mentioned at the end of January.  They also do surveys about American Idol every time they are on.  Very easy to answer so far and do not take up much of my time.  I've also qualified for every survey - unlike on Opinion Outpost.  They reward points instead of dollar figures - 1,000 points is equal to $10 - every point is a penny.

Amazon "rewards" me if you click on a link to purchase something through the blog.  As you can see from the totals, it's not much.  I also will not put up things that I do not think are "thrifty" or are a good deal.

Adsense are those little ads you see on the right column of my blog.  It's just another thing that "rewards" me everytime you click on an ad there.  Again - it's not much.  I could probably get more clicks if I put the ads between my blog posts, but I just find that annoying on other sites and won't do that to you.

My February totals are:

Swagbucks - $10 in Amazon giftcards
Opinion Outpost - $8.80 (slow month!)
HCD Surveys - $5.30
Amazon - $.59
Adsense - $.28
TOTAL:  $24.97

My total for January and February = $63.37

I also did the 100 reviews for so we'll see if those earn me $100 in April!

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