Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FREE My Little Pony! Tomorrow only!


Tomorrow Toys R Us will have a BOGO Free sale on My Little Pony!  Couple this with the BOGO Free My Little Pony coupon that came in last week's paper and you can also print two more coupons from here.

Here's how it works:

Buy 2 My Little Pony horses

Price of one will automatically be deducted at the register (Toys R Us promotion).

The manufacturer's coupon should deduct the price of the other pony.

The cashier may try to give you a hard time - many of them do not understand how to use coupons.  BOGO free is a Toys R Us promotion, the BOGO free coupon is a manufacturer's coupon - the price of which will be reimbursed to Toys R Us.  This is key - THEY ARE NOT LOSING OUT ON ANY MONEY.  If the cashier says anything, just explain this to them.  It is perfectly legal, I do not condone the use of coupons illegally and wouldn't mention this if it were illegal.

They are less likely to give you a hard time if you buy other things, so couple this with some of the game promotions I mentioned 2 posts below to walk out of Toys R Us with a lot of gifts for a little bit of cash!

Thanks Frugal Find!

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