Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I've earned $9 towards my Free Christmas goal today!

Through Opinion Outpost!  I'm so excited - that's more than I earned all last month!  Opinion Outpost is a survey company that rewards you for answering surveys for a third party company.  Rewards are awarded as points - and each point is worth $.10.  Today I had 3 available surveys and qualified for 2 - 1 for $4.00 and 1 for $5.00!  Each time you have a survey available they will email you an alert!

You do have to qualify for surveys so sometimes you may answer 5-10 questions and then find out that you will not earn the points, but there are MANY surveys available so there is always a way to earn each month!  If you are looking to earn a little extra, try it out!

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