Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Princess and the Frog on Blu-Ray SUPER CHEAP!!

This movie will be released 3/16/10.  Target will be selling the Blu-Ray for $26.99 and it will come with a purse.  You can find a $10 off coupon here.

There will be two mail-in rebates.  You can make photocopies of the receipt for the rebates so you can apply for them both!  They do require a proof of purchase tab but the movie will have 2 tabs! 

Buy 2 boxes of Band-Aids and the Blu-Ray or DVD and get a $5 rebate by mail. You can download the form here. The rebate expires June 30th.  Thanks Bargain Divas!
Buy any roll of FrogTape Multi-Surface (24mm, 36mm, or 48mm) painters tape and The Princess and the Blu-Ray or DVD and get $5 rebate by mail. The tape will cost you $5 - $6.  That form is here. The rebate expires May 31st.
If you use both rebates and your $10 off coupon, the total price for the Blu-Ray DVD and the purse will be $6.99!!!  Remember the Blu-Ray combo pack will also have th regular DVD in it.

Bargain Divas has found a way to get the BandAids FREE at Target!  You can get them at the same time you get the movie!

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