Monday, March 15, 2010

Thinking ahead for next year...

I lucked into a great deal on Uggs this year for my kids, but I doubt we'll be getting them next year.  They were great - kept their feet warm, were cute, etc.  But they are soooo pricey and they grow out of them every year!

Emus are a knockoff brand of Uggs that are very popular.  They are supposed to be just as warm, just as cozy and just as cute.  Can't attest to the first two, but they are cute! has a great return policy (free returns for up to 365 days after purchase) so that means if I order shoes for my kids now and guess at their size wrong, I can return them for free next year.  I have nothing to lose except a few minutes of time!

Emus are on sale already this year - now's the time to buy them so you don't pay full price.  I could link to them but because they give me a "commision" to do so, they charge the commision to you - so I won't link to them.  You can also get 8% cash back by using Mr. Rebates. 

So just go to Mr. Rebates and click into from there.  You can do a search for Emu or just take a look around at all the sale shoes.  Most shoes have 2 day free shipping as well.

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