Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whole Foods Deals for March 17 - March 23

Here's the thing that drives me crazy about Whole Foods.  Some stores will accept manufacturer's coupons with Whole Foods coupons (stacking) while others will not.  You'll have to ask your local store if they do.  Also, prices vary by market so some of the pricing I have here may be slightly different in your store.  Hopefully, you will find it lower :) .  It makes it very difficult to highlight all the deals. so think of this as a starting point for your shopping trip.  If you live local to me, you'll be in better shape since this pricing is for the Red Bank/Middletown store.  You can check your local Whole Foods flyer here, but remember that not all the deals in the store will show up there.

Fuji Apples (local grown) (reg $1.99lb) SALE $.99lb
Red and White Grapefruit (reg $1.49lb) SALE $.99lb
Organic Romaine Lettuce SALE $.99lb

Beef Skirt Steaks (reg $9.99lb) SALE $5.99
Farm-Raised Whole Branzino (reg $9.99lb) SALE $6.99
Bell & Evans Whole Air Chilled Chicken (reg $1.69lb) SALE $1.99 lb - I swear this is what the flyer says!
Spence Nova Lox (reg $8.99 for 4oz) SALE $6.99
Fra' Mani Mortadella (reg $12.49lb) SALE $9.49

Nature's Path Organic Applesauce Single Serve Cups (reg $4.99) SALE 2 for $6.00
Unique Pretzels Splits Pretzels (reg $3.39) SALE 2 for $5.00
Stacy's Simple Naked Pita Chips (8oz) SALE 2 for $5
Annie's Homegrown Bunny Fruit Snacks SALE 2 FOR $7.00

Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes (28oz) SALE 2 for $4 (I believe there's a coupon in the "Eat Better America" booklet for these - make sure you've sent away for your copy here; you can also check their website to be sure there's not a coupon - sometimes there is but it wasn't working yesterday)
Pacific Natural Foods Organic Broths (32oz) SALE 2 for $5 - $1 off 2 coupon found here = $2 each

Murray Bridge Cheddar (reg $6.99lb) SALE $4.99
Stonyfield Farm Organic Low-Fat Yogurt SALE 5 for $3.00 ($.60 each) - Buy 3 and use $.50 on any 3 coupon found here = $1.30 for 3

Chocolate Ganache Cake 6" (reg $16.99) SALE $9.99
Organic Rye Bread (reg $3.49) SALE $2.49
Unbleached Cake Flour 2lbs (reg $4.99) SALE $3.99

EO Shampoo or Conditioner (reg $8.99) SALE $5.99

For possible additional savings, here is a link to Whole Foods online printable coupons. Make sure you pick up their coupon booklet in the store!

AND DON'T FORGET TO PRINT OFF WHAT YOU LIKE IN THE MAMBO SPROUTS coupon booklet. They are all healthy/organic coupons!

I am new to the Whole Foods game so I may add more during the week.

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