Monday, April 5, 2010

100 Disney Movie Rewards Points

and these won't freeze your account!  Disney is running a scavenger hunt and the answers are worth points towards your total.  Sign in here.  Here's the hunt:

We’re celebrating the launch of our new website with a special Online Treasure Hunt worth 100 bonus points! What are you waiting for? Simply log in to your account using your member name and password. Search for words using the clues below. Then enter those words as Magic Codes to receive your bonus points.
1. Our new site now offers a “search” functionality to help you find the perfect reward. Plus,
expand the “All Rewards” tab at left to browse rewards by All, Kids/Teens, Adults,
Recommended, and ___________? 10 Points
2. Navigate to our new Promotions page, where you will find three tabs featuring various
member benefits: Sweepstakes, Special Offers and Featured _________? 15 Points
3. Go to the Rewards Section and search for the Mickey Garden Growers reward. Then “mouse” over the reward to find out what kind of seeds are embedded in this magical reward. 20 Points
4. Log in to your account, and visit the My Points page. There you will find four ways to
review your account activity, including Points Earned, Points Redeemed, Special Offers and Disney Movies _________? 25 Points
5. Get the details on the new way to earn points with Disney Movies when you visit the How It Works section. What color is the camera shown on step two? 30 Points

Answers are as follows:
popular = 10 pts
partners = 15 pts
wildflower = 20 pts
online = 25 pts
green = 30 pts

All are good through 4/19/10

In addition, 50 points for 9FTMRYWEK.

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