Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gardening update

It's still a bit cool at night here to put my young plants in the ground, but I did plant them a few weeks ago and have kept them outside on the nice warm days we've had.  Here's what I currently have growing:

These are my spinach plants (the group at the top) which are still pretty small.  The lower grouping of plants are Justin's plants.  He's growing a mix of everything plus some sunflowers (at the right).
The top grouping is potluck.  I labeled what I planted there but the labels washed off with water (Lesson #1 - use less water resistant markers).  So we'll see what they are - I know a few are peas and green beans.  The bottom grouping of plants is Sugar Snap Peas.  They are getting pretty tall. 
These are Snap Bush Beans.  They took longer to start growing - but wow they are tall now!  They've only been out of the seed for 1-2 days!

I am planning on starting another planting of Sugar Snap Peas and Bush Beans (another 10 plants each) so that I can stagger my veggies.  We can't have enough of these since the kids love them and we have a dehydrator to dry them if we have lots of extras.

But the most exciting part of my gardening this lovely pile...

of organic compost!  We got a whole pickup truck load of it from a local organic farmer!  Now I just need to get the garden bed together...finding organic peat moss is not easy...

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