Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More great GAP deals!

Remember, these are the coupon codes you can use:
  • Use code: GAPSALE25 for an extra 25% off
  • Use code: MyCard for free shipping but you must use a Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy credit card
  • Use code: ThankYou for an extra $10 off but you must use a Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy credit card

 You can also try to get the 25% off by start here and do a search for Gap cashback. This will pull up the 25% cash back offer. Click into Gap through there to earn the cash back. Please remember though that this may be voided as it is officially against Bing's policy to issue cash back with the use of a coupon code, however I have heard of many instances where ty do not void it. In other words, don't count on this cash back, but consider yourself lucky if you get it.
I am only counting in the extra 25% off here - since we can all use that code.  If you do not have a Gap card, add $7 to any size order for shipping.  If you have a Gap card, shipping is free and you can take an extra $10 off your order.  And if you get lucky enough to get the Bing Cash Back, I put that price in parenthesis).
There are many other sale items - just do a search for them.  Here's the Nursey Items sale under which I searched.
Green Toys cookware and dining set.
Reg $40 Sale $31.99 - 25% = $23.99 ($17.99 with BCB)


Maclaren Volo - the rock star of strollers!
Reg $130 Sale $112.99 - 25% = $84.74 ($63.55 with BCB)

Plan Toys Bathroom Set (they also have the bedroom, kitchen, dining room and kids room)
Reg $22.50 Sale $12.99 - 25% = $9.74 ($7.31 with BCB)

Quinny Buzz - the ULTIMATE of strollers
Reg $580 Sale $430 - 25% = $322.50 ($241.88 with BCB)

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