Monday, April 26, 2010

Quest for Organic Living

I posted a few months back about the purchase of 1/4 cow that we made.  If you don't remember that post, here's a link.  This was Part 1 of trying to eat healthier and go organic on a budget.

Just as exciting, we've just found a local farmer that sells organic eggs!  And just as exciting, a dozen eggs in the grocery store have been costing us $2.79 - and these eggs are just $3 a dozen!  For a mere $.21 a dozen, we are eating healthier and tastier eggs.  Yes, I can actually taste a big difference in these eggs.

We lucked into finding him when I ordered the organic compost for the garden.  I picked the brain of the farmer who delivered it and he directed me towards this farm.  I love how close it is to the house!

If you are looking to do something similar, I highly suggest looking on Craigslist for farmers who have them or can direct you that way.  Or you can check EatWild.  EatWild will direct you to local farmers who have grass fed food - like beef, CSA's or eggs. 

And for any locals who want to know where I get my eggs, just send me a message!

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