Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cute kids gardening stuff...

I am almost done planting my garden...FINALLY!  I'm really having fun doing it though - and all I have left is to plant 1 square of carrots.  I planted my lettuce today (a little late) so I'll transplant those in a week or two.  Otherwise, everything else is already in place!

My 3 year old (4 next week!) has this little gardening bag and he loves to "water" the plants by spraying them.  He planted his own plants - 4 sunflowers, 2 beans and 4 peas.  He also helped us create the garden by putting compost in his Step2 wheelbarrow and dumping it!  I wish I had pics of that - it was too cute!

My kids love veggies so I know he'll be excited when we can get some stuff out of there to eat!

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