Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gander Mountain - considering cast iron? or need outdoor equip?

I discovered Gander Mountain a few weeks back when I purchase a cast iron skillet from them - it was a great deal at the time.  I am looking to get rid of ALL non-stick cookware in our house and replace everything with cast iron.  I am afraid of the chemical leaching that occurs in non-stick cookware and believe in the health benefits of using cast iron (like adding iron to all foods cooked in it).  I also love that it will last forever.

I was a little scared of it at first - I thought it would be harder to take care of it.  But truthfully - it is SO EASY!!  If you are thinking of converting - check out Gander Mountain.  They offer free shipping on all orders.  They are also running a promo this weekend.

Shop at Home is offering a 5% cash back award for them as well!  And don't forget about the $5 sign up bonus! 

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  1. Amy, thrift stores are a great place to find cast iron as well..... Judy


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