Sunday, May 16, 2010

My cheap upside-down tomato plants!

First off, before I forget to tell you, I followed the directions on this page - or I supposed I should say hubby followed those directions.  Actually, my 4 year old drilled them (Daddy helped!)!

Anyway it was super easy and now I have to let them sit for a week until I hang them to let the roots really grow in.  We're getting really into gardening here this year.  Since this garden we've also bought:
  • 2 currants (one white, one black)
  • 1 grape
  • 2 more cucumbers
  • 1 European squash (apparently it's not sold around here - we were given this by the Russian woman who sold us the other stuff above)
  • 1 tomato plant (sold by the same woman - it's Komato Tomato - info here and here)
  • 4 peppers
  • 6 broccoli
  • 6 zucchini
  • 25 strawberry plants (haven't arrived yet)
And we still want to go pull up some Raspberry plants at a neighbors house who has them growing rampantly throughout her lawn.

Here are the tomato planters:
And just for an update, here's our garden currently:

The peas have really grown this week - and you can tell if you tilt your head :)

Here's the other end of the garden - and my 4yo photographer taking pictures with his new camera:

This end has squash, cantelopes and tomatoes planted in it.  They are all pretty small still.  I haven't even transplanted the watermelon yet - it's too small.

I'd love to see pics of other people's gardens!

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  1. mmmm raspberries!!! I'm hoping I'm right about the brambles across the street and they're wild raspberries... I have to remember to check them frequently this year.

    I SO wish I could have a garden.... maybe someday...


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