Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OK, I'll beg if I have to...

I need some more followers :)  The amount of people who view this blog per day and the amount of FB fans we have is no where near the amount of Google Followers it shows.  I know - there's not much benefit to it - especially if you "like" us on Facebook, follow on Twitter, subsrcibe to the RSS feed or the email updates...but it won't flood your inbox or show up in your social groups - the only way you'll see it is when you sign into Google and then it's packaged into a neat little box you can look at or ignore.

But I've tried to get us a few giveaways lately and the question everyone seems to ask is, "How many followers do you have?"  Before today it was only 29...pitiful...we're at 35 now and I'd love to get up towards 100 in the next few months.  That number looks good to people who might offer us some giveaways or give us an extra discount here or there.  So I'm begging - if you are a regular reader, "follow" please.

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