Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One of my big secrets for saving $$

Since I like you all I'm going to share with you one of my secrets for saving money - or as my husband puts it, one of the places I spend too much money (but he doesn't realize that it saves A LOT over what I would have to spend). 

I have done a lot of my shopping through Co-ops.  Co-ops are groups who get together and place large bulk orders in order to save on the items they purchase.  The order is collected and shipped to one woman.  This woman then gets the privilege (I say this with sarcasm) of sorting the large order so that it can all be re-shipped to the people who placed individual orders.  Sometimes the savings can be significant.  It should be noted however, that for small orders, sometimes the double shipping costs will negate the savings.  Please make sure to shop wisely and be sure that it will be the best deal for you.b

There will often be a small fee paid to the woman who sorts out the large order.  This fee covers things such as the cost of ink, boxes, gas to the post office, etc.  It is usually in the realm of $1-$3 depending on the items being co-oped.

Crunchy Co-operative is one my favorites!  It is primarily run by a woman named Jodi who is amazingly good at sorting all that stuff out!  There are many co-op hosts and many participants - which allows them to run A LOT of good co-ops.  In fact, their co-ops are so good that I haven't "allowed" myself to go there for a few months now - I just spend too much money when I do.  But  I suppose I can go into their site today.  Yay! :)

Right now they are running the following co-ops:

Skip Hop (25% discount)
Glamourmom (40% discount) I've worn these EVERY DAY since my 13 month old was born & love them!
Signing Time (almost 40% discount)
Nekkie Blankie
Baby Banz (30% discount)

and more!

They don't only run co-ops for kids stuff - thery do a lot of wool and other items too...They are also open to suggestions of what to run.  Go check them out! And make sure you mention to Jodi where you heard about them!

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