Saturday, May 22, 2010

Organic Cereal at roughly $2.00 per box!!!

I know I've mentioned Cascadian Farms great price this month (with the discount code for 15% off and another 15% off for subscribe and save)...but now you can save an ADDITIONAL $4 off that price as well!!!  Start out here and check your coupons.  Keep hitting refresh until you see the coupon for $4 off Cascadian Farms show up.  You have to click on that Cascadian Farms coupon to get the discount.  Once you do, it will show you all the Cascadian Farms cereals and granola bars.  Select the one you like, and hit subscribe and save on it (you can cancel this later) and apply discount code:  GNMLS8O3 at checkoutPrices will be roughly $2.00 a box!!!

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