Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sorry for the little holiday from posting...

But we got our garden done this weekend!!!  Between making the square foot garden and planting it in the intense heat, I was exhausted.  Plus we had a birthday party for a very special little girl to go to yesterday!  So I will be back once I get these kids to bed and restore some order to my house.  Be on the lookout, I have lots of deals to post! 

While you're waiting, take a look at our new garden!

It is 10x4 which gives us a ton of space to plant with using square foot gardening.  We filled it with organic compost, vermiculite and an organic soil mixture. 
My genius husband (and for once I don't mean that sarcastically!) came up with a great way to make our grids without being totally visible to the whole world!
And here's my snap peas, beans an spinach!

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