Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Reading Programs to Reward Young Readers

I have been collecting info on these and holding onto it, but I realize that some of the Southern states are getting out of school already.  So here they are!  I will try to post them again when we Northerners get out of school - in about 5 weeks :(

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get/keep kids reading.  They will learn so much just by sitting down with a book and reading.  That's why it's so important to keep them reading over the summer - when school is not in session.  There are a lot of programs out there that offer incentives to kids to keep them reading - hey, a little extrinsic motivation may go a long way!

Make sure to check your local library - they usually offer some sort of incentive there as well.  Your school district may be offering incentives as well!

Barnes & Noble - Read 8 books and earn a free book!  They offer teaching tips for parents and many activities to go along with the books.

Borders - Read 10 books, get 1 free

National Amusements (movies) - Offers Bookworm Wednesdays with free kid movies and prizes.  Details are not up on their site yet, but they note that they will be offering it again so I'll keep checking.

Reading Warriors Challenge - details have not been posted yet.

Scholastic - Offers a chance for kids to log their reading times into their system to compete for the World Record!

TD Bank - Young readers can earn a $10 deposit after they read 10 books.

Half Price Books - Readers can earn a $3 gift card each week when they read at least 15 minutes a day!

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