Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Woohoo! FREE Diapers!

I do use cloth - mostly...well, lately I've been lazy...as much as I love my cloth and the idea of being green disposables are easier.  I just pulled out my "larges" from my oldest son to use on the baby and I'm rediscovering the joy of cloth again.  But I digress...

I was (or should I say my 13month old was) just accepted into an Arquest Diaper Study!  They are going to be sending us 3 free packs of diapers to try out.  I have to answer a simple phone survey about the packs and at the end of the study, I will also be given $10 for my time!  I'm getting paid to use FREE diapers!  How cool is that?

Try this number to see if they have openings
1-888-342-7372 and press "9"

Provide all your info:  name, phone number, child’s gender, weight, and diaper size. They will call you if/when they have an opening.  I probably gave my name in months ago and just heard back today!

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