Thursday, June 17, 2010

Disney Store Sale!!!

50% off many items!!! You'll get free shipping on your order if you order any Toy Story 3 item.  You can also get an extra 5% cash back with Shop at Home + a $5 bonus if you are a new sign up!

How to use Shop at Home:
2)  Underneath the Shop at Home logo, click on Online Shopping
3)  Then click on All Stores
4)  They are in alphabetical order - chose the letter you are looking for (in this case, B)
5)  Go to the store and click the store name
6)  Click on the Shop Now tab.


  1. Great tip! Thanks!
    Following your cool blog! Come do the same :)

  2. Hopping by from the parade!

    Looking forward to connecting with you.

    Gigi & Mis


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