Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gardening update...

OK - I totally need a break from trying to figure out this menu bar!!! 

Here's my garden lately:
2 of my upside down tomatoes - picture is sideways :)  They are beginning to flower!
Some of my green beans!  Almost ready for a meal - My oldest has already had one and said it was yummy!

Left side of the garden - you can see the marigolds which actually seem to be keeping the animals away from my spinach - that area of the garden has a lot of holes in it!  The lettuce is really getting big quickly now and the snap peas in the back are almost my height!  They are also flowering and starting to produce peas!  The carrots are too thin to see yet from this view.

Here's the right side of the garden.  The squash is so much bigger than when we planted it.  The tomatoes I purchased are getting big but the ones I grew from seed are still pretty small.  :)  The cantelope and watermelon are still too small to see (I planted them late).

How does yours look?

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