Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just call me Super Shopper...

or if you were in line behind me, you could have called me, "...that crazy lady with too many coupons who's holding up the line" as you grit your teeth.  I seriously felt bad for the young guy in Shoprite who had to put all those coupons through.  I wouldn't look at the people behind me so I didn't have to see if they were giving me dirty looks.  But in my defense, I was also with a screaming 14 month old and a tired, cranky 4 year old - so I wouldn't have gotten in line behind me no matter what :)


Subtotal of purchases:              $77.77
Pathmark Card Savings:         -$31.86
Manufacturer Coupons:          -$10.74
TOTAL OUT OF POCKET:      $35.17

PLUS I can submit for a $15 gas card for my purchases!  Making my total purchase price $20.17!!!  The diapers alone are a $35 value.

Here's what I got:


Subtotal of purchases:              $93.49
Price Plus CardSavings:          -$30.58
Manufacturer Coupons:          -$35.98
Bag credit:                                  -$   .30
TOTAL OUT OF POCKET:      $26.63

PLUS I got a free reuseable shopping bag, a $5 off my next purchase CATALINA and am going to submit for the $5 Sorrento cheese rebate!  This brings my total down even further to $16.63 (plus free bag)!

Here is what I got (except the Juicy Juice that is not pictured because my son was playing with it & the reuseable bag which I forgot to put in OR the Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor that I just found in my car) :

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