Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mmmmm...Strawberry picking...

I thought it was too early...I know usually we go in mid-June.  But nobody told the strawberries it was too early!  They are ready, they are ripe, they are big and they are sweet!

Today we went picking at a local farm and picked up some great stuff!  I generally like to look for organic produce, but I'm also cheap at heart so we tend to get some organic and some not.  Organic strawberries are outrageous!  When organic is not an option, locally grown produce is my second choice.  The reason is that if the produce is not being shipped, it does not require the addition of extra preservatives to keep it fresh.  So while it is not organic, it is closer than the produce you would pick up in the grocery store. Plus I love the idea of supporting our local farmers!

Here's what we got today:
2 heads of romaine lettuce $1.50 each
2 head of iceberg lettuce $1.50 for both
Strawberries $2.25 lb
Snap Peas $2.00 lb
Locally harvested cream honey $6.00

It is delicious! You had to see how big the lettuce was!  I've never seen lettuce that big!  I didn't even want to take it out of the bag yet since it took 2 people to put in!

If you're looking for local produce in your area, check out Local Harvest.


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  2. Following you back from WW. Sorry to hear about your friend's daughter. Thanks for the visit!


  3. LOVE strawberries. one of these days I'll get to a local place for the 'real' thing!

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  4. Took me a bit, but I am following you back from WW! Those strawberries look yummy...I didn't know that about locally grown. I'll keep that in mind in the future -- thanks :)

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