Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Quest for a FREE Christmas!

Lazy month this month...I mean, really lazy.  I didn't even log onto Opinion Outpost - I didn't feel like answering surveys.  I figure after the great months I had in March and April that I was entitled to a little break.  It's not even that much work - or that much time.  But I was REALLY lazy!

Swagbucks $0
(Really - ZERO!  It's not that I don't have points - I have enough for 3 $5 gift cards - I just didn't cash them in yet)
Opinion Outpost $0
HCD Surveys $0.60
(Only because they were simple - all I had to do was vote for my favorite A.I.)
Pinecone Research $6.00
Amazon $1.38
Adsense $5.69
TOTAL:  $13.67
TOTAL FROM JANUARY through MAY - $535.64

Here's the rundown on how I make the extra cash (minus the bonus $$ I have made on things that come up occasionally).

Swagbucks - I LOVE MY SWAGBUCKS!  All you do is sign up and do your internet searches through them (like Google).  You will randomly earn "Swagbucks" for searching.  Sign up here!

Opinion Outpost - this is a survey site that offers you money for answering the surveys you qualify to take.  You can redeem your money for Amazon gift cards or they will send you a check in the mail!  You can sign up here!

HCD Surveys - this is another survey site I really like.  They don't offer as many surveys as Opinion Outpost, but I don't have to "qualify" after answering questions - once I start a survey I am always allowed to finish it and earn the money.  Sign up here!

Pinecone Research - this is another survey site that occasionally offers trials so that you can try things before they come out to the general public.  They send you a $3.00 check upon completion of a survey and they are very fast to pay!  Sign up here.

Amazon - Amazon pay me a small fee (and I do mean small) when you purchase something through Amazon that I suggest.  That is why I sometimes hate to put up Amazon stuff - I don't want you to think I'm suggesting it just so I make money.  I will only put them up when they offer great prices on things - and often it's on things I'm purchasing from them too!

Adsense - The ads that are on the side of my website are put there by Adsense.  They pay me a small fee based on the number of people coming to the website and a little more if someone likes an ad and clicks on it for more information.


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  2. These are awesome! Thanks for the great tips! I have heard a ton about swagbucks but have never gotten into it now I think I will!!


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