Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Went to Shoprite again tonight...

I ordered some coupons off Ebay yesterday and they arrived in today's mail - super fast, I know, but it stayed in state the whole time!  I ordered 10 of the Schick Hydro razors which are free in Shoprite with coupon this week, 10 coupons for Ken's marinade which is also super cheap (and makes for an easy dinner!) , 20 coupons for Marcal Small Steps and 15 coupons for Nabisco crackers.  It's all part of my plan for getting that FREE $50 in groceries!  That and I'm all for cheap/free TP and razors!

So tonight hubby and I each purchased 2 razors (limit of 2) and I used the Nabisco cracker coupon.  I also remembered why I don't like to grocery shop with him.  I've been doing so well lately with saving on my bill.  Today we spent $50 combined.  Granted - we saved about $40 in coupons and a ton with sales and Price Plus cards, but still...

We have $36 credit towards free grocery money though!  I'll be back there tomorrow with another plan of action!

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