Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hit 3 stores this morning...results inside...


Found a Toy Story backpack (yay!) and got everything that was $0.25 or under.  Easy peasy.  Get up to the register and they are trying to tell me that ONLY the brands listed under the Free backpack box in the ad were free.  So I ask them to ring it up anyway to see if it prints out.  IT DID.  Don't let your Staples try to tell you that only certain backpacks qualify.  The ad says ALL backpacks - the word all is even in bold.

Pics later.

Office Max

What a mess!  I had to search forever to find the really cheap advertised items - those super cheap prices were not on the shelf so I was second guessing myself the entire trip.  But I did manage to find the ones I was looking for and got out of there.  We did not get a backpack here but I did check out their selection.  It was small - and no character backpacks.  If you have a little kid, you are better off at Staples.

Pics later.


Found 2 Leapfrog Tag Jr. books on clearance for $5.48 - with coupons (listed here) they were only $2.48 each!  I did pick up a few more things.

Pics later.

I'm sorry for the condensed version but I thought it would help if you are headed out shortly.  I'm exhausted - my diet coach warned me I would be today - and possibly tomorrow before I start to feel better and my body starts to burn the fat for fuel.  But I'm off to nap while the kids nap!

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