Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I just got all excited about new bath towels!

Found out the Lawton line from Ralph Lauren is discontinued.  So I did a little searching and it seems many department stores have them on clearance right now.  There are some really great prices - but I'm a little wary of purchasing towels sight-unseen.  Or should I say without feeling them?  I HATE rough towels.  I have some Ralph Lauren towels already that I really like, but will they all feel good?

So I figure I'll fill you in on the best deal and ask that if you are out and about shopping where they may be selling these, that you just "feel" them out for us.  Are they soft?  Do they feel thick?  And I'll try to make it to a local department store tomorrow to feel them myself.

Here's the deal:

Neiman Marcus has the best price.  They are also offering monogramming at a REALLY reasonable rate if you really want to fancy them up.

Pricing is as follows:
Washcloth $3
Hand towel $6       with monogramming $7

Bath towel $8        with monogramming $9
Body sheet $12      with monogramming $13
Tub mats $12        with monogramming $13
Bath rugs small $13
Bath rugs large $37

Use coupon code SUMMER for free shipping.  Start shopping here.

Make sure to let us know if you have these towels or scoped them out in a store somewhere!

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