Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Local eggs or supermarket eggs?

The thrifty in me argues with the natural in me all the time.  Almost like that cartoon where you have the angel sitting on one shoulder and the devil on the other.  But which is the devil and which is the angel here?

We recently found a local organic farmer who sells eggs.  Luckily for us, he is literally 10 minutes away.  We do go there frequently to buy eggs - I'd say 4 out of 5 times.  There are times though that we will resort to grocery store eggs - like when they are really cheap.

The farmer charges $3 dozen for eggs - regular price in our grocery store is about $2.19 dozen.  Easy enough - for $0.80 difference I'll pick up the organic eggs.  The problem is when they are super, super cheap.   Like this week at Shoprite where they are $0.24 dozen after coupon and catalina. 

I just read an amazing article from The Thrifty Mama that really drove it home for me again.  I urge  you all to read it.  She just started raising chickens and it's an in-depth comparison of the nutritional values and even compares the yolk colors (complete with pictures!)

Please tell me what you think!  Do you buy grocery store or local eggs?  Grow your own?  Would you consider growing your own? 

I think the scientific research is definitely there - and it's impossible to argue that local eggs are not healthier.  But I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

Here's the link to The Thrifty Mama's article. Read the comments too - there's more to learn there.

Anyone local who would like directions to the farm in Freehold, please just let me know.  If you are looking for a local farm to buy eggs/dairy/meat from, check Local Harvest, Eat Wild, your local Craigslist or ask other local farmers - that's how we found ours!  If you're determined, but running into a dead end - let me know.


  1. Ours are all store bought. I would have no idea where to buy them local. I would not consider raising chickens. My uncle who also lived next door when I was growing up, raised chickens. When I was itty bitty my parents had just bought us a new swingset. There was a bunch of people over helping put it up and I guess I thought I'd go pet the chickens. One of them pecked my finger and made it bleed and I've been scared of chickens ever since. lol

  2. love this! i'm a chicken lover!
    i have owned chickens for eggs myself, and i always buy my eggs locally. i pay $2 to $3 a dozen depending on where i buy. i spread my egg love around to a few different people that home raise. i think it is very important to shop local and support the farmers and homestead market.
    even though the eggs are sometimes cheaper and easier to get at a grocery store, there is sooo much difference in the eggs. yes, the yolks are larger in homegrown, healthier etc.. but think about the chickens! they live lives outside of pens! i loved my chickens, and they were spoiled, i fed them strawberries and yogurt for breakfast and many other treats. and they always rewarded me with wonderful eggs.
    one thing to really consider is this: store bought eggs are typically 3 weeks old by the time they are on the shelf.. so homegrown eggs have a much longer shelf life.
    when i learned that, it was what sold me on buying local eggs years ago.
    buy local, meet some good people, and support some happy chickens!

  3. Thanks for your opinions! I'm a big believer in buying local - but for some it's really not convenient (it depends on the area of the country you live in). What I wonder is how far people are willing to travel for their convictions? And when does convenience win out?

    Happynester - We'd love to raise chickens for eggs and are seriously contemplating it even though it's technically "illegal" here.


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