Friday, July 30, 2010

My Target trip today!

I went back to Target this morning - armed with loads of Leap Frog coupons and all I can say it SUCCESS!!!

Some of my pricing was a bit off yesterday (sorry - poor picture quality on my phone made me misread) so here's how it worked out:

VTech Computers $12.48
Didj games $7.48 - $7 coupon = $0.48
Leap Tag Bakugan Book $3.48 - $3 coupon = $0.48
Leap Tag Jr David Smells book $2.74 - $3 coupon = MONEYMAKER

PLEASE NOTE:  If you purchase Tag books with the Didj games watch your register when you hand over your coupons.  For me it was taking the $3 credit (for the Tag books) off the Didj games and then when the Didj coupons were rung they were only taking $3.48 and $2.74 off (the price of the books).  They had to manually fix it for me.

They also had a load of summer sand shovels, bubbles, balls, etc on clearance so my kids talked me into some of them :)  I also had to get in on that Bear Naked granola/Dannon yogurt deal.

We hit up another Target after the first one to see what they had in the clearance section.  It always amazes me how different they each are!  Some things were cheaper there, but most were more expensive.  I did find a fourth Didj game there for the same price.  It looks like Target is clearancing out all their Didj games.  No Tag or Tag Jr books on clearance though.

My oldest was ecstatic to find a remote controlled Toy Story 3 toy 75% off!  It's the alien Pizza Planet rocket.  We were hoping to find RC too, but no such luck.  And then we found a talking Dora Backpack toy that my youngest fell in love with - also 75% off.

So was today really thrifty since I had to buy my kids toys?  Maybe not, but we got great deals and I have happy kids.


  1. hey Amy

    thanks for visiting my blog, I"m so excited to read yours! I'm always looking for good deals!

  2. Boy, if you'd hadn't had the kids you could of put it all aside for birthdays and christmas. What a haul!

    I'm back to work on Tag a long Tuesday. I've been sick for the last week ever since I had blood drawn. so, I haven't done a lot. Thank heavens people haven't minded because they are following me.


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