Thursday, August 12, 2010

HOT! HOT! HOT! Great deal on "drugstore" items or natural foods - ORGANIC too!

I'm loving this deal!!!  This deal will save you $10 off a $10 order AND get you a free Schick razor!!!  I just ordered:

2 32oz BioKleens (great for cloth diapers - got 1 spray and 1 regular)
1 razor

My total (even after shipping!) was $7.37!!!  BioKleen products themselves are 40% off to begin with - combine that with the other deals and I just got an AMAZING deal that will help keep the stinkies off my cloth!

The store is (it's an affiliate of  You can earn 7% cash back on this great purchase also!

Here's how I'd suggest doing this:

  1. Go into Mr. Rebates and sign up or log in.  You'll get a $5 referral bonus if you are a new sign up too! (That would have brought my total down to almost nothing!)
  2. On the left side of the page, do a search for
  3. Click "AtHisBest" to go into the store through Mr. Rebates - that is all you need to do to get your rebate.  You'll see a small window pop up that tells you it is tracking you.
  4. When the site opens up, you'll see 2 banners along the top half of the page.  One says "Get $10 off your order..." and the other says "Get a Schick Razor..."  You need to click BOTH of these banners.  Click on one - go back to the home page and then click on the other.  You will not notice anything until you are just about to finish checking out - then you'll see the Razor in your cart and the $10 taken off.
  5. Go shopping!!  I noticed these brands there:  Annie's Homegrown, Newman's Own, BioKleen, Seventh Generation, Clif, and much more!  This site is geared towards men but there is plenty for both sexes to buy!
They take Paypal or CCs.  Let me know what great deals you picked up!

UPDATE: This deal is PER ORDER...not per account...i've just placed 2 orders and read all the fine print - I picked up 3 BioKleen Oxygen bleaches + the razor for $8.20 shipped!!

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