Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Amazon: Huggies Wipes 720ct for $12.94!!

I usually pick up a 64ct box at $1 (with coupons).  I tend to stock up when they are on sale though so I don't have to buy them otherwise.  Without a sale, these are easily $3 a piece.  So with that math I'd be paying $11.25 for this many wipes with my coupons...BUT I don't have to coupon clip - I don't have to wait until the sale to stock up - and I don't have to even go to the store for this price!  And if I have to buy them without coupons I would have to pay over $33 for them!!

To get this deal you have to be an Amazon Mom (click here for info on how to do that - it's easy) and select subscribe and save to get the 30% discount.  You can cancel the subscribe and save as soon as they get to your house!

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