Friday, September 17, 2010

Attn: Teachers, Parents, Students!

I finally got to my Target tonight to check on the school supply deals. It was pretty cleared out, but I brought a bunch of stuff up to the price checkers to double check. The notebooks were priced at $0.03!!!

They were the plain old paper covered single subject notebooks at that price.

They also had notebooks with designed covers and Mead 1-subject notebooks for $0.25. In addition, there was a knock-off brand of Mead notebooks (with the plastic-y cover) for $0.25.

I bought almost 100 of the super cheap ones (I am a teacher in the inner city - they will all go to use) and spent about $2.45!

The rest of my store was pretty cleared out. Run to your nearest store!  At that price, it won't last and you know you'll need more this year!  But please remember, Target clearance prices vary slightly by store - and the timing varies by store.

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