Sunday, September 5, 2010

Couponing FAQ

Please, please, please ask any questions you have and I will get them answered.  I will also go through the post we had on Facebook and list everyone's grocery stores coupon policies for you.  If you didn't tell me where you shop on that post yet, please add it here.  You will have to scroll down to find the post - but it is there!

Where can I find my store's coupon policy?

Each company should have a coupon policy listed on their internet site - it would make it easier for all of us.  Most do not though.  I will be adding to these as time allows.

Pathmark Coupon Policy
Shoprite Coupon Policy
Wegmans Coupon Policy

One exception to this is Whole Foods.  They have no clear cut policy.  Some Whole Foods stores will take the coupons on their website with manufacturer's coupons too - and some will only take 1 coupon per item.  The company itself does not have a policy on this.

Common Abbreviations and Definitions

Catalina - coupon that will print out of the little machine next to the register.  Sometimes it will be a store coupon for an item, sometimes it will be a "Save $ off your next purchase"

PG = P&G Brandsaver coupon booklet from the local paper

MIR = mail in rebate

OOP = out of pocket (what you will initially pay to leave the store with the merchandise)

OYNO = off your next order

RP = Red Plum coupon booklet from the local paper

SS = Smart Source coupon booklet from the local paper

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