Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FREE Photo Prints at Target!!!

This offer will only work if you have a Kodak Kiosk in your store.  I'm not even sure if mine has one - I'll have to look.  Funny with all the time I spend in there you'd think I would know.

Buy 20 Kodak 4x6 prints at $0.29 each
Total = $5.60
-$1 off 20 prints Target coupon
-$5 off 20 prints manufacturer's coupon

Here's how to get the manufacturer's coupon off Facebook.  "Like" Kodak.  Scroll until you see the "View & vote..." link.  Then click and pick the photo you like best!  Your coupon will then be available.  Make sure to hit "back" and print it 2x!!

Aha - see if your Target has a Kiosk by typing in your zip code here.  I have one!

Thanks The Mama Report!

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