Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great Diaper Deal & Quick GIVEAWAY!!!


You've all signed up for Amazon Moms right?  If not, check back here and make sure you do!  That will give you 30% off your subscribe & save orders on diapers!!  Here's how to make a good deal a great deal!

Use the coupon for 20% off any diaper purchase at Amazon that you can find in Parents or Parenting magazines September issue.  I just got back from B&N - it's still out in the stores.  The magazines will cost you $3.50 or $3.99.  Use this coupon in Barnes and Noble to save 10% on the magazine.  If you have back copies of these the coupons are also in the August issues.

Inside the magazines - almost directly in the middle are orange tags that give you a one-time use 20% off code for Amazon.

So you can pick up diapers with the 30% off subscribe & save (that you can later cancel without receiving another shipment) PLUS an additional 20% off that!!!

I just picked up Luvs Size 5 for my little one.  Here's how it worked out:

Item(s) Subtotal: $35.88
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Promotion Applied: -$10.76
Promotion Applied: -$7.18
Total Before Tax: $17.94
Sales Tax: $0.00
Total for This Shipment: $17.94

That's for 150 diapers - so a total cost of just under $0.12 a diaper!  Not bad for never leaving the house!

If you want to pick up Pampers diapers from Amazon, make sure you head over to their coupon page - there is a coupon that will save you an additional $1 off your purchase on top of both of these discounts.  You may have to hit the refresh button a few times to get it to show, but it is there somewhere.

Luvs are still the cheapest brand offered, but I know some people prefer one brand of diaper over the other.  We are lucky that they all seem to work the same for my little one.

Here's a link to all of their diaper pages by size:

Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
Size 4
Size 5
Size 6
Size 7

And now for the quick GIVEAWAY!!

I have an 2 extra codes that I will be giving away to a lucky mama (or dad).

Here's how to win:

Simply go to Facebook and become a fan (if you are not already).  Find this post and "Share" it with your friends.  Ask your friends to become a fan of The Thrifty Thumb as well.

Here's how you get your entries:
  1. Leave me a message on my FB page that tells me you shared this with your friends - 1 entry.
  2. If your friends come over to be a fan, ask them to leave a post that tells me you referred them.  That will get 1 entry for you and 1 entry for them.  For the sake of numbering the entries - they will be the first entry marked and you (the referrer) will be the second.
  3. Your friends can then share the post with their friends and receive more entries for themselves!
The more friends you can get to become a fan, the more entries you will have.  You are guaranteed that first entry just for sharing this post though!

Good luck! 

Giveaway will end at the end of this weekend:  8pm EST on 9/12/10!

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