Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am a Staples Convert! LOVING them lately! Here's today's trip...

So - I'm lazy.  I know I am.  I can admit it.  I went to Staples today for their weekly deals.  Bought 3 things that had Easy Rebates.  Realized when I did that I never submitted for the backpack deal (where they were free after Easy Rebate). 

So I finally sat down tonight - thinking I'd be at the computer for a while putting all of these rebates in.  I was there for 5 minutes!! I'm not kidding - I submitted for 6 rebates in 5 minutes!!  Online too - where I can see the status of my rebates and don't have to wonder about it.

Not nearly as annoying as that Oil of Olay mail in rebate from February - where I was denied saying I didn't sent it in on time when I know I did - I posted the date I sent it in so I could check it.  I was even a week early - but they can deny me since there is no legal record of the date I sent it in - except the postmark which they have.

We went to Staples since Justin has had to cut in Preschool the other day and chose not to - telling everyone it was "too hard".  It's my fault really - I have barely touched scissors with him at home.  So we went to let him pick out his own pair of scissors for home. 

So here's the trip today:

1 - Microban Student Scissors $4.49
1 - Staples Stapler $3.00 (my classroom one disappeared!)
2 - Index Cards $0.50
2 - Pencil cap erasers $0.50
1 - Staples yellow "Post-its" $1.00
1- Ticonderoga My 1st Pencils $2.49 (for Justin too - same ones he uses in school)
1 - PNY 2GB USB drive $9.99
2 - Reams of HP paper $11.98
2 - Packs of Photo Sheet Paper - $29.98
5 - Packs of filler paper - $0.45

Total - 18 items

Coupon for 15% off applied -$9.65

Total OOP -  $58.56

Rebates & gift cards applied for: 
$29.48 Visa Prepaid Card
$9.98 Check
$8.99 Gift Card for Staples
= $48.45

My total cost for all 18 items:  $10.11!!  If I avoided the scissors, pencils and stapler, my total cost would have been only $1.63 for 15 items!!!

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