Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Origins: Set of 3 Bestsellers Starter Kits FREE with any Skincare purchase!

Just received in email. Offer valid until 10/2 - or while supplies last. You can also shop through Shop at Home for a possible 9% cash back!  For information on how to shop through Shop At Home, click here.  If you are new to Shop at Home you will also earn an additional $5 bonus!

Skin Brighteners Starter Set - use code: BRIGHTENERS at checkout

Never a Dull Moment Cleanser

Modern Friction exfoliator

GinZing Brightening Eye Cream

Skin Protectors Starter Set - use code: PROTECTORS at checkout.

A Perfect World Cleanser

Moder Friction exfoliator

A Perfect World for eyes

Skin Firmers Starter Set - use code: FIRMERS at checkout

Checks and Balances face wash

Modern Friction exfoliator

Youthtopia firming eye cream

Skin Relievers Starter Set - use code: RELIEVERS at checkout

Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins face cleanser

Modern Friction exfoliator

Dr. Ander Weil for Origins eye serum

Plus - if you get the email and forward it to 2 friends, you get a free tote bag!

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