Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tinkerbell & the Great Fairy Rescue Coupon - $10 off! Can get $15 off at Toys R Us...

The release price for this will be $24.99 (reportedly - although on the website it's marked $29.99 so I'm not sure).  Here is your combo pack coupon for $10 off (Blu-Ray and regular DVD).

And here's how to get this practically free:

Go in now to pre-order the movie.  You'll pay them $5 now but get $10 off the movie when you go to pick it up.  They will also give you a $10 gift card when you pick it up!
When you pick up your movie, you can use your preorder to take $10 off the price.  You can also use the $10 coupon above to take another $10 off. 
If you are going to be purchasing either Toy Story 3 or Beauty & the Beast, you may want to preorder those when you pick up Tinkerbell.  You can use the $10 off you get from this preorder on the Tinkerbell purchase also saving you even more!  I may do this and take my chances - we got the Toy Story movies so cheap last year that it didn't even cost me $10 to buy them.  But that's up to you.

To summarize:

$5 pre-order + $25 movie - $10 coupon - $10 preorder = $15 for Tinkerbell + $10 gift card


$5 pre-order + $30 movie - $10 coupon - $10 preorder - $10 preorder for TS3 or B&TB = $5 for Tinkerbell + $10 gift card

This movie will be released on September 21st!

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