Thursday, September 9, 2010

We enjoyed our FREE Redbox rental tonight...

To make tonight a little more exciting for the kids, we decided to have homemade pizza for dinner - in the living room.  A dinner picnic!  I take out my picnic blanket, set it up as cover for the carpet, and we bring in our dinner on plates and eat it on the floor!  The kids love it - and tonight we did that for a special reason...I finally used those free Redbox codes to rent something they've been itching to see - Dora's Birthday Adventure!  You haven't seen cute until you've seen a 16 month old singing and dancing to the "Backpack" song!

Yes I know it was on TV, but Justin goes to bed at 7:30 - and it didn't start until 8!  But I can handle the price of a free rental :)  (and for those of you wondering - I did not eat pizza - I had "Cauliflower Pizza" where you make the crust from cauliflower and do not use bread...yumm!  BTW - you can replace the egg with 1/4 cup Eggbeaters too).

Here are the codes that are currently working & the percentage of people they are working for:

DVDATWAG - 61% (only good at Walgreens)
DVDKROG - 42% (only good at Kroger)
REDBOX - 12%
QH74XKX - 7%
WALGREENS - 23% (only good at Walgreens)
4XX73TZ - 8%
DATE124 - 9%
CLIMB5 - 10%
XJJ25JV - 13%

This information was found at Redbox Codes - I love how they compile the percentages!  I suggest bringing the list with you so you can go through them to find one that works for you!

I used "DVDONME" at Shoprite this afternoon and it worked beautifully!

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