Wednesday, October 27, 2010

30% off diapers delivered to your door!!! And many other health/beauty products!!!

Now through the end of the year, and are offering 30% cash back on all your diaper purchases!!!   Your cash back will appear in your account 10 days after your order is placed - and you can use it on your next purchase through them!!!  These sites are "sister" sites - so what you do in one will transfer over to the other!  Credits are valid for 60 days after you earn them.

NOTE:  Cloth diapers are not eligible for cash back - only gdiapers.  Also - some places online state that the minimum order for cash back is $75 - but fine print does not state this!

I love how quickly they come - you'll have your diaper within 2 days!!  This may or may not be a better deal for you than Amazon - if you have a code from Parenting Magazine, Amazon will probably be the way to go (at least this order!).

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