Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another one of those great "Deal Sites" with FREE money for signing up!

This site has some very pricey items - but you can also find some reasonably priced - and the pricey items are still 70 - 80% off retail!!

Join now and get $5 just for signing up!  It's instantly in your account!  Plus you can use coupon code:  STAR to take another $10 off the price!!

Check out Kidorable on the bottom of the page of sales!

Get these boots for only $2 + $2.97 shipping when you apply both of those credits!!! 

And they have some more cute stuff in there!

PLUS ----

Invite your friends and when they make a purchase you'll earn $15!  When they invite their friends, you'll earn $10 off their friends' purchases!  And then $5 off their friends' purchases!  Hurry up and join before your friends get other referral links to join from!!!

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  1. That does sound neat!

    I have a question for you - but I can't find your email anywhere... If you're not opposed to emailing with me, will you send me a message at curlyhairdoideas @ yahoo dot com

    ~ Karli


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