Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daily Deep Discount Deals in your area!!

These daily deal sites are popping up everywhere!  Groupon is the largest and they got their start in 2008 based in the Chicago area.  Many others that just launched are only based in Chicago right now - apparently they love their deals in Chicago!

Many of these sites are kicking up the ante for some extra special Holiday deals for the upcoming gift-giving seasons!  I subscribe to all of these - just so I can get the daily emails about the local deals for me - they'll send you an email once a day just to let you know what it is.  Otherwise, I'd forget to check them :)

You may want to sign up now so that you are notified if something that interests you pops up in your area - I can notify you of great national deals (when I have the time to notice them) but local deals I only know about NJ.

Here's how these deals work:

The company pairs up with a local business, The business offers their services or product at a HUGE discount.  If you buy a deal, you can print out a voucher and give them to the company when you redeem it.

Here are some of the more popular sites:


Groop Swoop (San Fran Area only - temporarily making changes and offline)


Living Social

My Daily Thread (*NY area coming soon)

Screaming Daily Deals (Chicago, California and Arizona area only)

Social Buy

Town Hog

TwoBuckDuck (Chicago area only)

YouSwoop (Chicago area only)

If you know of a great one I missed, please let me know!

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