Monday, October 25, 2010

When it rains...

it you remember I'm sure that I'm trying to spend more time with hubby at night...well my baby also has been sick for the past week or so - he was so bad Thursday night that we had to break out the nebulizer :( oldest has also decided that he is petrified of "fires" and "bad guys"...they went to the police station at preschool last week and it's fire prevention month there also.   So now he won't go to sleep unless someone stays with him.  Not only will he not go to sleep, he screams as if he's being kidnapped because he's so afraid.

All of this left me with NO TIME for the blog this weekend.  Sorry!  I will do a quick post today for the grocery stores - I will not have time to give you the complete run down for all the stores, but what I plan on doing is listing all of the FREE and under $1 items you can pick up with coupons.  This way you can keep your stockpile going.

Thanks for understanding!

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  1. wow! i wonder what the police and firemen said to make your child so fearful!?!


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