Friday, November 12, 2010


On Modnique right now!  Prices start at $16!  Sign up through this link and you will receive $5 instantly!  Plus use code:  star at checkout for an additional $10 off!  Shipping starts at $7.95 so you can score some Ed Hardy merchandise for under $10!!!

Note:  scroll down - there are more than 1 section of Ed Hardy deals going on now!

You will get $15 in credits for every friend who signs up after clicking on your referral link and making a purchase. You will also get $10 in credits for the friends of your friend who become buyers at Modnique. And if their friends become buyers, you will get another $5 for each buyer connected to you that way - it's like a pyramid scheme - but you will not have to pay out money to get in on it - LOL!(You can then use your credits to make more purchases!  Make sure your friends know about the coupon code too - it sweetens the deal!  It's valid until 11/30.

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  1. Just got Ed Hardy gloves for $8.95 including shipping using star code and $5 credit! Merry Christmas to my hubby! Thank you!


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